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Physical Education

The first months of school are used to introduce the four main units of P.E. class activities. As the year progresses, we draw upon and build on these skills, both as they were introduced and integrating them with other skills.
Movement Path
This activity combines running with many other gross motor skills. This includes jumping a low hurdle, mat tumbling, stepping onto a box and jumping off and climbing skills.

The class uses the skills they are learning and their imagination to “go on an adventure.” Skills include balancing on objects to “cross streams.” They cross rivers on rocks while using a safety rope to hold on to. Jumping across lava flows, mountain climbing, going through caves etc…


Group Games
The classes play a variety of group games that are fun and good exercise! These games also promote social interaction and teamwork. Among the games the classes play are:
Dog Bone
Duck Duck Goose-with many variations
Color Corners- with many variations
Animals in the Zoo-movement skills
Car Wash-cooperative fun
Freeze Tag
Red Light, Green Light

Making Choices
Choice making is an ongoing part of the P.E. program
To play a game or not
Which skill to practice
How long to practice
Whether to try a new skill or not (if the child is ready)

P.E. Movement Skills:

P.E. Equipment:
Play ground balls:

Hula Hoops:

Balancing on balance beam
Climbing on the structure
Trikes and Road Safety:

Mat Work: