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Preschool Fives

Teacher: Annette McGary
Assistant: Jimmy Pell

What is Preschool Fives?
Give your Child the Gift of Time

Preschool Fives (P5) is a program set up specifically for children who miss the Kindergarten cut off (Aug. 31st) and are ready for a rigorous and academically challenging preschool curriculum. It is also geared towards children who are summer birthdays and need more time to mature socially and/or emotionally.

Please see the admissions for enrollment information.

The Preschool Fives (P5) is geared toward older four year olds who will be five by November 30th. This includes children who miss the kindergarten cut-off of August 31st or summer birthdays that need more time. This class has between 14-15 students with a lead teacher and an assistant. This allows us to have small groups and focus on both academic as well as social skills. We use themes to focus our learning. Some of these themes include Friendship, Author Studies, Dental Health, and Butterflies. We also leave room in the curriculum for student interests! We use a balance of choice and teacher directed instruction to create a classroom that is fun and rigorous for all children.

We have French everyday for 15 minutes. We also have one full morning (Fridays) which is spent in our “Lodge” program where they enjoy Art and Baking with our Specialists.