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Our Approach

Perkins is a child centered school which respects the development and needs of each individual. We view each child as unique and gifted.  Perkins offers a wide variety of hands on learning materials in our classes so that children are able to work at different levels and everyone is successful.  We believe a child’s first learning experience is the most important. 

At Perkins children discover that learning is fun!

It has been a Perkins tradition that children attend classes in a rotating fashion. We have a Music Class, Basic Skills Class, Science Class and Exercise Class. Our teachers have much to offer the children in their area of expertise. All the four and five year old students attend each class for forty five minutes, four days a week.  The fifth day is spent in our Lodge program where they enjoy Art and Baking one day a week for entire morning class time. 

We have self-contained classrooms for our three year olds, to avoid transitions which can be confusing for this age group.  In their classrooms the children are free to explore many activities, including individual work time, art, sensory and skill building materials to provide an age appropriate curriculum.  Children this age are exploring their independence and learning how to socialize with peers, and our teachers are dedicated to providing a positive environment to facilitate these endeavors.

Our pre-school offers both an all day and half day program for children three to five years of age.  Morning children also have the option of staying through lunch for an additional charge on an occasional basis.

We serve three snacks a day, morning & afternoon. We offer a hot dish and milk at lunch.  The hot dish is a supplement to a parent provided sack lunch.

Our basic schedule is as follows:

7:00-9:00  Before school care for all day students.
9:00-12:00  Curriculum classes.
12:00-1:30  Lunch and recess.
12:30-2:30  Nap time (story & nap for children who nap regularly).
1:30-2:30 “Rest” groups for children who don’t nap.
2:30-3:00  Lunch box snack.  Children can take whatever they have in their lunch box to eat at this time. School snack is also available.
3:00-4:30  Activity and play centers set up in classrooms.  Children have the choice of classroom activities or outside play, weather permitting.
4:30-5:00 Story and snack.
5:00-6:00 Toys and activities.


Discipline Policies

We encourage children to work out conflict with each other by helping them know the words, as well as actions to use to help them solve a situation peacefully. Children must learn that all actions, right and wrong, have consequences. To teach this concept we try to reinforce desirable behavior and re-direct undesirable forms of behavior. Discipline is a learning process that must be handled firmly and consistently but gently and with kindness. Spanking or any form of corporal punishment is never allowed. “Time out” is used only if a child is out of control or hurting someone.


We recognize that parents play a major part in a child’s successful development of the skills taught at school.  We work with parents as a team to help each child develop to his/her maximum potential.

We have an OPEN DOOR policy with parents welcome to visit or volunteer at any time.  There is no requirement, however, for parent participation.