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Explore Perkins

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History of Perkins School

Perkins School began in 1946 and was originally called Perkins Musical Kindergarten. The school was founded by E. Louise Perkins with Mrs. Betty Lea joining the staff in 1952. In 1961, Perkins School opened at 6550 Ravenna Ave. N.E. Upon Mrs. Perkins retirement, in 1965, the school was sold to Mrs. Lea. As the program expanded and developed under Mrs. Lea’s direction, it became increasingly apparent that a separate Kindergarten program was needed. In 1973 Perkins Kindergarten became a reality at our original site, 2008 N.E. 65th. We now have a Preschool “5s” program in our lodge building for those children who just miss the cut off date .

With Mrs. Lea’s semi-retirement in 1993, the school is now administered by her daughter, Chris Chevalier and is under the direction of Candi Schneider, a long time employee of Perkins School. Currently the elementary school is a non-profit organization and together we continue to be committed to the Perkins traditions established by Mrs. Perkins and Mrs. Lea over the last fifty years.


Our Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and happy environment where children are allowed to grow emotionally and socially as well as academically.  The goal is for each child to develop a positive self-image and love of learning along with social, academic and problem solving skills.

Perkins does not discriminate against any student with regard to race, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex or handicapping condition.